In pursue of intelligent passwodless authentication
and fraud prevention with enhanced security


"Trusted Pass"

The "Trusted Pass" platform is a fully interoperable solution designed for any business
wishes deploying a secure passwordless authentication experience.  
NSBeyond understands the challenges of eliminating passwords better than most 
and we are also able to provide full pledged technical support as a service 
integration process to simplify and accelerate deployment.

"Trusted Pass" passwordless authentication is secure, simple, and fast to deploy.
​Most organizations rely on low overhead prevention techniques, such as
firewall and antivirus solutions, and intrusion prevention.
However, these tools are proved to be insufficient in order to prevent,
detect and mitigate advanced threats proactively. 

Our "Trusted Pass" product can significantly improve both security and user experience
compared to any available user authentication solutions in the market.
During the  authentication process, users are temporarily cut off
from the network of terminal unit while executing certification process. 

"Trusted Pass" is a smartphone-based convenient and safe certification solution that
innovatively improves the problems of the existing certification format.  
A wide array of  authentication methods including typical ID/PW, OTP, SMS/ARS, and FIDO
can be replaced by "Trusted Pass" solution.  

If someone in network, information security and communications looking for
implementing one of the best authentication solutions,
NSBeyond can offer the best emerging passwordless authentication technology.