In pursue of intelligent passwodless authentication
and fraud prevention with enhanced security


Zero Effort Authentication
Trusted Pass is a smartphone-based convenient and safe certification solution that innovatively improved the problems of the existing certification format.
"Trusted Pass" passwordless authentication is secure, simple, and fast to deploy.  TPAuth is an app that  designed to peform "Tusted Pass" passwordless authentication with smartphones.
      Completely Protected
  1. Server Protection
    The authentication server and source of information is blocked to access to the authentication server in unauthorized state.
  2. Network Protection
    Ensuring secure transmission of authenticating information by an isolated private network configuration for the certification.
  3. Terminal/Device Protection
    Temporarily blocks all communication traffic other than communication using the authentication for certification is in progress. Also blocking the extortion of certification information at the source from hacker's
  4. Authenticating Info Protection
    Use only valid one-time password (OTP) during authentication processing period. Automatic input protection by the robot (Captcha, Pattern, etc.)
TPAuth is also apps that provides one time password tokens, allowing the phone itself to serve
as the physical device to satisfy the possession factor.
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